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4 Week In-Board Program:

        Old Salem Kennel, Inc. offers in-board obedience training for most dogs.  In our 4 Week In-Board Obedience Program, we address the basic obedience issues such as walking on a lead at heel, sit, stay, lie down, here, kennel and no jumping.  The ideal age for this program is 5 months - 1 year.  Some dogs over 1 year of age are good candidates for this program.  However, an evaluation is required for dogs over 1 year of age before admittance into the in-board program.

        A critical part of obedience is communication between owner and pet.  Often times obedience issues arise due to poor communication.  Because our dogs can be taught to do things on command, we sometimes mistake their communication skills as being a great deal like our own - when actually a dog communicates quite differently.  Dogs were created as pack animals and understand best when pack dynamics are used in communicating with them.  Small things like the way you pet your dog communicates a message of who is leader.  We feel so strongly about the effectiveness of communication, we spend a great deal of time teaching pack dynamics to both the dog and the owner.  You will be amazed at how this changes a dog's behavior.

        Old Salem Kennel realizes every dog is an individual.  Obedience training should reflect the individual needs and personality of the dog.  We use various methods and training tools to meet those individual needs and personality.  Some dogs respond best to basic slip leads, some prong leads, some Halti leads and some electronics.  We will help you find which tools best meet the needs of your dog. 

        Off-lead training can be accomplished with the assistance of electronic collars.  However, it is extremely important the dog and owner both receive proper instruction for this tool to work effectively.  Old Salem Kennel offers e-collar instruction through hourly instruction or as part of our 4 week obedience session (provided the client requests it and the dog is a good candidate for e-collar training).  Off-lead training can also be accomplished without the aid of electronic collars; however, this takes regimented discipline from the trainer and owner over a longer period of time.  Time, discipline and patience are required to see success in this area. 

        Old Salem Kennel limits the number of dogs accepted into our 4 Week In-Board Obedience Program to six (6).  The dog is boarded with us for the duration of the training session.  Individual owner instruction is included.

         During the first 1 to 2 weeks of training, we ask there be no visits from the family.  Your dog or puppy needs this time to adjust to his new environment and have an uninterrupted opportunity to learn.  You are welcome to check on your dog's progress during this time by calling or emailing.  After this acclamation period, we ask you to come visit with your dog and allow us to show you what he has learned.  We will also instruct you on how to work with your dog accordingly.

        Owner involved training sessions during the third and fourth week of the 4 Week In-Board Obedience Program are recommended.   The frequency of these sessions can be adjusted depending on the client's availability and the dog's needs.

        Rates -  4Week In-Board Obedience Program is $750 (boarding included).    Visit  Hours & Rates  page.


4 week in-board sign up is offered from January 16, 2014 - April 12, 2014.  Call or email for availability. 

The four week obedience program is not offered during summer months or during major holidays. 

See Hours & Rates page for weekly training session times. 



Things to Know About Obedience Training






Personal one on one instruction has been beneficial for Mr. and Mrs. Bowles and Kona.

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