Old Salem Kennel, Inc. Boarding and Training Kennel for Active Dogs in Georgia




        Old Salem Kennel, located in Watkinsville, Oconee County, Georgia, provides boarding services for playful and energetic dogs - boarding active dogs is our specialty.  Having trained and owned many energetic dogs over the years, we have first hand knowledge of an active dog's incredible energy level and need for daily exercise.  We strive to meet that need, providing our boarded dogs with a sense of contentment throughout their stay with us.  

        When we first started exploring the idea of changing our kennel business from primarily a training facility to primarily a boarding facility, quite frankly we had a hard time wrapping our minds around this idea.  After all, boarding facilities were full of dogs left in the kennels all day (with the exception of perhaps a short walk on lead).  Because of the large volume of dogs, most boarding facilities are not afforded the opportunity to get to know their clients and their clients' dogs personally.  This just was not the "Old Salem Kennel way."       

        Then we remembered an incident from years earlier when one of our personal dogs received a minor field injury and ended up spending about 7 days at the vet clinic.  This dog had so much energy bottled up, when we brought him home he ran for hours.  We then realized, we didn't have to be a "normal boarding facility." 

        We knew there were people everywhere with dogs like ours.  People who wanted their dogs boarded in a facility where the dogs would receive lots of exercise and personal attention.  For years our past clients from the Atlanta area would return their dogs to us for boarding for this very reason.  We felt more people in the local area were in search of such a facility.  We caught the vision.  We decided to keep our numbers low to maintain that personal touch - the "Old Salem Kennel way."       

Kennel buildings and exercise yard at Old Salem Kennel, Inc.

        Although we board many medium and large sporting breeds, our boarding services are not limited to specific breeds.  Any healthy dog who enjoys playing outside a couple of times a day is a welcome guest at Old Salem Kennel. 

        All dogs boarded at Old Salem Kennel are exercised two or three times daily in a spacious fenced yard with supervision.  Provided the dogs are friendly and non-aggressive, they are aired in small groups with other dogs of similar size and temperament.  Any dog showing signs of aggression towards other dogs will be aired alone.  DOGS SHOWING AGGRESSION TOWARDS PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO OLD SALEM KENNEL.   

        The kennels are located at the Harvey residence where the dogs receive 24 hr. supervision and care.  The number of dogs accepted for boarding is kept at eighteen (18) to ensure each dog receives an ample amount of quality care and attention.


Description of Kennels:


        Dogs with special medical needs are best boarded in the care of a veterinarian facility or an in-home pet sitter.



Rate -   $20 per day per dog  (no discounts for shared kennels)

               Basic bath ($20 short coat, $40 long coat)


        Medication Fee - $5 per day (fee doesn't apply if medication can be given in dry food during normal feeding times twice daily)

        Canned Food Fee - $5 per day per dog


Kennel Sharing -  


        Kennel sharing is discouraged.  Kennel sharing will only be available for dogs within the same family who will eat together in a timely manner without supervision, as well as get along in a small space for long durations of time and share a bedding area.  The boarding rate is $20 per day per dog.  There will not be a discount for kennel sharing.  OSK reserves the right to determine whether kennel sharing is allowed. 


Deposit / Cancellation Policy -  


        A non-refundable deposit of $60 per kennel reserved is required for reservations during prime boarding times.  Provided there are no changes to your reservation, your deposit will be applied to your balance at check out.  If adequate notice is given of cancellation or date change (5 day minimum notice for spring break and summer, 14 day minimum notice for Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years), your deposit will be applied to a future reservation to be used within one year.  If adequate notice is not given, your deposit will be used as a cancellation fee.  There is a 3-day minimum charge for reservations during prime boarding times. 


            Prime boarding times for 2017 are as follows:


            Spring Break: March 2, 2017 - March 12, 2017

            Spring Break: March 30, 2017 - April 9, 2017

            Summer: May 15, 2017 - Sept. 15, 2017

            Thanksgiving: Nov. 18, 2017 - Nov. 26, 2017

            Christmas / New Years: Dec. 15, 2017 - Jan. 5, 2018





What to Bring


* Dog food - Switching dog foods can cause some dogs to experience an upset stomach.  Therefore, we recommend you bring your dog's food from home.  Due to storage restrictions, please bring an adequate (but not excessive) amount of food for your dogs stay in an appropriately sized container.  Sealed containers work best.   We request dry food only.  If canned food is fed to your dog an additional fee will be charged.  If you do not bring your dog's food, we will provide food to them at no additional charge.

* Bedding - You are welcome to bring bedding for your dog provided it is free of ticks and fleas.  Limit bedding to one dog bed (maximum size 3' x 3') or one blanket per kennel.  Excessive bedding in size or quantity will be refused.

* Chew Toys - You are welcome to bring chew toys or bones for your dog's enjoyment inside his kennel.  Toys will not be shared with other dogs.  No tennis balls or other small balls.  Please limit toys to three or less. 

Group play time!Time to stretch out!


Old Salem Kennel, Inc.

Todd & Janice Harvey

2122 Old Salem Rd.

Watkinsville, Ga. 30677



Old Salem Kennel is conveniently located to: Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, Bishop, Farmington, Madison, Winder,  Greensboro, Atlanta, Augusta and Macon,  Georgia.  The University of Georgia (UGA).  Including the following counties: Oconee, Clarke, Morgan, Greene, Walton and Barrow County, Georgia

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